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How to improve the planet?

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Few words about 9th Summit
James Gleason


I feel overall the 9th Summit, like all the others, had a personality all its own. We tried to create a template for future Summits while retaining the good parts of the past Summits. Our main goal is to bring people together to exchange ideas on how to improve the planet. This we do every year.

  • n96ofg-b88137893z.120140723141417000gg23mgn8.10I liked having a talent show early in the Summit. It was a great “ice breaker.” The impromptu dance at the end was a lot of fun. I would like to see this happen every year.
    The Day of Service was very valuable. Getting delegates to experience organizations that are taking action on the issues is inspirational. We need to keep doing this whenever possible.
    It was your idea to have a theme every year and this is a tradition we should keep.
    I think making the screening a big event is something we should try to do every Summit.
    I liked having mentors “imbedded,” but we need to meet to set some guidelines. There is a thin line between intervening and interfering.
    There are some things we need to improve. For example, we need more training time. We need more pre-production time.
    For me, the most important thing we need to do is keep the Summit alive all year. Delegates should be reporting to us about their activities. I am going to make sure our delegates from the U.S.A. do.

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