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Right to Education for ALL!

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Shahzad Khan Special Educational Society

MR. & MRS. SHAZAD ALI heads of a courageous family, whose four out of five children have gone blind due to a mysterious in born eye disorder.
The heart-rending tale of one Mr. Shahzad Ali makes life meaningless for the entire family whose four children Ehsan Khan, 17, Zeeshan Khan, 16, Aroosa, 13 and Nadia, 11, have gradually lost sight leading to complete blindness due to innate genetic ophthalmic disorder called retinitis pegmentosa.

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However, his tow daughters, the elder one Aroosa and the younger on Nadia have still some life in their eyes with 50 percent and 25 percent sight still intact respectively, suggesting that younger one is losing her sight faster than her elder sister.

On the other hand, Shahzad Ali’s fifth child and the middle one Usman Khan, 14, does not suffer from this strange disease, thus enjoying completely healthy vision, Shahzad Ali had married his first cousin in 1988. However, the strange eye ailment among the children is not an inherited disease because neither parents nor their families show any history of this ophthalmic disorder.

Shahzad Ali, 36, said his entire family is going through a severe mental trauma owing to the inherent visual disorder among his children which brings misfortunes and miseries with every passing day, thus making life meaningless for the whole family. “It is extremely painful to see the children hitting the walls every now and then. As the children are growing in age, their necessities of life are also increasing who are compelled to lead a wretched life.

We were very worried about the future of the children because it is difficult to seek matrimonial matches for normal children, not to speak of blind children,” he narrated his tale of woes. He said he had been running from pillar to post for the last several years for the treatment of eye disorder of his children, adding he had visited major government and private hospitals for seeking treatment against heavy fees.