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Vukovar 2014

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By Nikola Jankovic,
Media Education Centre-International Youth Media Summit


The mission of the Media Education Centre is to promote the role of young people in the transition to a global society founded on the care for informal media education, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy and a culture of peace.

The Danube Peace Boat is a travelling international and interactive multi media school, workshop and festival on a boat. It will set its sails through the mighty Danube and gather young filmmakers on a journey in the summer 2015. A lot of good will is going to be replaced with action there! We’ll start with six countries: Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia with a wish to enlarge our project to all Danube region countries.


This year Vukovar hosted 46th festival of Croatian filmmaking, and, although a lack of drive and desire seems to be quite common among the young in our surroundings, that wasn’t the case here. I found many young people showing their enthusiasm, and encouraging everyone to pass on their knowledge and art to others. With creative people, truly new horizons open up.

There is no better person to tell you about the beauty of the city of Vukovar, than one of its own, so I’ll quote Duško Popović, journalist and film critic:

“You must go down to the shore of the eternal Danube. Pry into that massive water that is flowing forever and will keep flowing even when we’re long gone. You need to understand who we are and how small we are compared with eons. You must enjoy the white and red blossoms of Muscats, and morning chimes, and newborn babies’ crying; you must welcome any rain and sunlight with joy.”

“Filmmaking is always a celebration of life. The stories are those of people, about fates and the world we live in. They are about beauty, and about evil, too. But they are always praise of life.”