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Bata Zalan

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Presenting 10th Summit’s participants:
Zalan Bata, Hungary
Zalan Bata is young filmmaker-animator from Hungary,and here is his short biography:

I’m Zalán Bata, a 17 years old Hungarian student. I attend a bilingual high school, I learn English, German and French. I have been wrestling (Olympic) for more than 7 years I love sports and STAR WARS. I’ve been doing Hungarian folk dance for about 10 years. I also enjoy drawing I’ve made some comics. I use ‘Adobe Flash’ but I’m open for all kinds of programs, technologies and advices , which can used in filmmaking. I am very interested in producing animations, short movies and of course films. I started to produce short animations about a year ago. At first I just made them for my family, but now if I have have an impulse or just a “good” idea I feel that I must show it to the people.

So, Zalan is our friend, he is a member of the Hungarian team in the Under the moon project and he is a winner of the UN Plural + Balkan award for his film “Lift”:

But, he has also some fresh news! For his film “Kingdom of Haven” he is awarded with third place on the Hungarian National high Schools Festival:

I would like to present also his one year old film “The Island”

Zalan is a member of the IYMS and (with other winners of the UN Plural + Balkan award he will be next Summit in Belgrade, 27th of July to 7th of August 2015. One evening we will have special United Nation Plural + Balkan winners.