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Danube Peace Boat

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Event: Danube Peace Boat
Start: July 21, 2015
End: July 27, 2015
Cities: Vienna, Budapest, Vukovar, Novi Sad, Belgrade
Country: Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia
Organizer: Media Education Centre and International Youth Media Summit
Contact Name: Miomir Rajcevic
Contact Email: DanubePeaceBoat@mediaeducationcentre.eu
Website: http://www.mediaeducationcentre.eu/
Knowledge and Education has zero value without IMPLEMENTATION! Share, Develop and Implement your knowledge, convert it in ACTION!BelgradeSanubeDanube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E. Project
INTERNATIONAL, INTERCULTURAL, INTERACTIVE, INCLUSIVE AND INNOVATIVETraveling Festival, New International Media Pedagogy School and Training-Workshop on the Floating Classroom, European Understanding, Rapid Action (RapTION) in providing Opportunity for everybody to participate in development of the Intercultural Pedagogy and New, Digital, Multimedia Education!

Our project has to implement our multimedia educational experience and experience of our partners in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. We would like to start with six countries with great possibility to enlarge our project in the future to all Danube Region Countries.
Main elements of the project Danube Peace Boat have to be:
• Traveling Danube Photo, Animation and Film Festival-Exhibition (multimedia) in connection with Danube River and seven main issues: Peace, Dialogue, Heritage, Environment, Development, Human Rights, Inclusion;
• Floating Intercultural Classroom;
• Bridge for International and Interactive promotion of Dialogue and Diversity;
• Platform for modern, frequent and creative lifelong learning cooperation;
• Tool for long term development of the sustainable ecological actions and environmental spirit, condition for further development of the green technologies;
• Movement for creative, permanent implementation of the Media, Information and Peace Literacy in the Danube Region related to promotion of the culture, tradition and historical heritage;
• Traveling Promotion of Civil Society and European Values.


Project is designed to provide to Students and their Teachers skill and knowledge like tool for development of the New Media Pedagogy. Lack of Education make problem in social and educational inclusion what provoke lack of job opportunity and participation of the community life development.
Our Project have to encourage participants to establish cooperation between schools and Organization in different countries and Media, Information and Peace Literacy what is the best tool to start to develop new model of Education for the people from Danube Region and to start transparent and in public space to looking for the best solution.
Danube Peace Boat is Media Initiative for building of Interactive and Intercultural educational model and to motivate decision makers in local communities and wider to help and support.
Danube Peace Boat is innovative because will create Strong Network for Educational Media Production with influence and relationship between people-youngsters in Danube Region and wider, on decision makers in different countries to encourage using of media for open Intercultural, Interactive and Inclusive educational model.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN, PARTICIPATION FEE IS 1200 EUR/PARTICIPANT. For more info please contact us on DanubePeaceBoat@mediaeducationcentre.eu