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The Common Good Forum

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Implementing the philosophy of the Common Good Forum


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New Member from France: The Common Good Forum

The Common Good Forum represents an Initiative to bring together young and senior experts and practitioners, to reconsider economics and other areas of human enterprise.
This suppose to deal with three ambitions:
1° Promoting the heterodox economy (not only statistic, but also cultural aspects interfering in the implementation of the public policies). Dealing with problems like poverty and climate change while understanding our cultural differences around the globe or in our country (France) supposes to interpret properly the notion of ‘Laïcité’ in France, and the place dedicated to Religions.
2° Explaining the philosophy of the Common Good as a “Process” (pluralism, ethical deliberation, capabilities). We can’t define the Common Good as a statue! Also it is important to share and discuss two sub-themes: ‘Transmission’ (intercultural and intergenerational) and the ‘Creation’ of new resources.
3° The relationship between the Common Good and the governance of the Commons (environment, health, culture, education…) through a cultural perspectives. Indeed we can’t begin to solve problems like poverty and climate change without understanding our cultural differences, including Religion.

A Do and Think tank

As a Do and Think Tank, it promotes the implementation of the philosophy of the Common good, in particular:
• the dignity and empowerment of the ‘Person’ within its communities,
• the institutional diversity in the governance of the Commons (Education, Environment, Knowledge, Health),
• the combination of action and thinking,
• and the ability to manage conflict and contradiction, throughout the practice of Deliberative and Ethical Process,
• the ability to have a global and local vision of change management and cultural differences and perception.12309759175_33ae84dee1_o

A global and local Bridge-Builder

As a global and local Bridge-Builder, the Common Good Forum aims to cover the interface between people from various background at global and local levels (‘Glocal’). It aims to empower people to engage in actively re-thinking economic, political and cultural issues for the benefit of the understanding of the global and local Common good.
Indeed it remains crucial to set up small or bigger fora in order to bring thinkers and practitioners, from various background:
• to share visions, deliberate, define consensus and possibly develop programs together.
• to set up intercultural cooperation.
• to encourage intergenerational dialogue.

A community to share vision for the governance of the Commons

As a community, we collaborate to promotes cross-cultural understanding and cooperation among local and global communities. We share knowledge and perceptions on the Common good (including related concept such like ‘Ubuntu’ in Africa). Then we contribute to shape a common vision for the governance of the Commons. This represents an excellent opportunity to share programmes developed in France at grassroots levels with a network developed both at global and local levels. It involves discussion of a problem usually by several authorities and stakeholders representing the society and different issues. See for instance, the Journal Bridge-Builder with global and local Thinkers and Practitioners.

As a forum, we build spheres for open discussion program, through medias, webinars, conferences and different tools. For instance, the journal Bridge-Builder is a medium of open discussion. It brings together Thinkers and Practitioners for Innovative Commons-Based Solution:
1. to facilitate exchange of information and best practices and build synergy between local civil society organisations with decision-makers.
2. to raise the profile and the visibility of innovative policy and practices of local actors on the global scene.12309765845_ea529f2c2a_o

A Global and Local Partnership

In this respect, in 2015, we are developing projects with three main ‘Glo-cal’ main
partners, using Social Charters to promote : the making of consensus through ethical
deliberation, and the involvement of the civil society.
The global project is called ‘Unity in Diversity’, in line with the network ‘Unity in
Diversity – World Civil Society’ in partnership with the UNAOC.