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Danube Peace Boat

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DanubePresentation_Page_01Danube Peace Boat is preparation for the Celebration of the 10th Anniversary and opening of the 10th IYMS. Danube Peace Boat is also start of our long term development of Traveling, Sources for Cultural, Historical and Educational Research and important content for the Media, Information and Peace Literacy.

We (in the Media Education Centre and International Youth Media Summit and our partners in 58 countries) believe that tourism with media, information and peace literacy will be great tool for building Understanding, Reconciliation and Peace in the World. Our focus is on young generation (youngsters today is 50% of Global population), but our target is all population.DanubePresentation_Page_04

With Media, Education and Traveling we would like to create place, space and environment, global platform for:
• supporting young travelers development as a means of stimulating interest in, and improving access to, educational, cultural and peace tourism, traveling-source for learning and research, in particular through promotion, workshops, events, media, information and peace literacy and cultural traveling festivals;
• activities aimed at promoting “traveling literacy” and at increasing travelers’ knowledge of, and interest in, natural, cultural, traditional and historical touristic routes including ancient heritage, in particular (but not only) among young travelers;
• facilitating the circulation of European touristic sites, routes and possibilities worldwide on all dissemination platforms, via international projects and cooperation.DanubePresentation_Page_08

We will start with Danube Project, an Inspirational, Innovative, Interactive, Intercultural and Inclusive project created to support development of new models of Education through Media, Information and Peace Literacy, Intercultural Dialogue and Traveling like Source for Cultural, Social and Knowledge Research… Traveling Festival, New International Media Pedagogy School and Training-Workshop on the Floating Classroom, European Understanding, Rapid Action (RapTION) in providing Opportunity for everybody to participate in development of the Intercultural Pedagogy and New, Digital, Multimedia Education! Our project has to implement our multimedia educational experience and experience of our partners in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. DanubePresentation_Page_11

New partners are welcome, from Danube Region, Europe and Wider…