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Birgitta E. Olsson

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Headquarter of the IYMS PRESENT:
Ms. Birgitta E. Olsson, Friend, Founder and President of the IYMS Advising Committee


These words will be my reflections from the Summit!

First – my first reflection will be gratitude! I feel so strongly about the opportunity to have met you all great people. Thank you for making such big efforts to travel far and share your culture, experiences, concern and hopes with us. Life is a wonderful thing and we have to protect the values of life! Second – will be respect! Respect for all the impressive contributions, the knowledge and wisdom you all put into the Summit – skills, analyses and the brave declarations and PSA. They are outstanding! Third – all additional values to the Summit – those extras that were unexpected! Like iPalpiti Orchestra – United Nation of Classical Music – the concert and the discussion about art and politic. Like the day out in Hollywood – the Concert Hall, the walking tour, the coffee conversation with Hiroko and the grand finale at Hollywood Bowl and Gustavo Dudamel – or did I dream all this??? Like the workshop with Linda Biehl ( in Violence group) – I will never forget what she shared with us and how she talked about reconciliation! The fact that a mother to a daughter who was assassinated during apartheid – decided together with family not to be a victim but to fight against violence – and she was there – telling her story to us – how can you thank her? ( Like the Afghanistan Panel Discussion – thank you for sharing with us, showing that there are ordinary living in Afghanistan – young people that are not afraid of making improvements for their future . We don’ know much about this through traditional media. Like the life story and reflections from Mohamed Sidibay – thank you! Finally – Soka University – Soka means ” to create value” and the great Summit Staff. You did a tremendous work – before- during and after! Thank you ! My wish for future is that we all can go out and create new images from our lives and realities, that we with the power of our skills can be the media and open eyes, create new ideas ( and images) in peoples minds. Can ideas really make changes?

Yes, as far as I know, ideas are the only things that have changed the world! Or…????
So – spread the ideas of the Summit !!!
So far Birgitta

Who is Birgitta?

Recently retired from 20 years as Film Consultant on regional base at Region Halland in Sweden.
Film in Halland is a resource centre for film – dealing with development of Media Literacy both within formal and non formal education. Film in Halland support young filmmakers as well as professional film productions and cinemas. Film in Halland has well known and documented experiences from International and national projects with young people in the field of media and human rights.
Birgitta graduated from University as a teacher in 1973 and was a teacher for almost 20 years until she became a Film Consultant.
Her focus has always been on freedom of expression for students, the art of expression and on the messages they send out. How do we react and how do we all communicate in finding ways to improve our society and the power of our citizenship?
Film i Halland has been a strong member of IYMS since 2006 and Birgitta has been a member of the board for many years.