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The Human Race-Cancer of the Planet

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Author: Tessy Troes

“The Human Race Will Be the Cancer of the Planet,

said Julian Huxley, the first general director of the UNESCO. This article will deal with some of the problems caused by humans: pollution and recycling.


Polluted Lake

Frank Schätzing‘s Bestseller, „The Swarm“, begins with a short story of a fisherman who disappears in the ocean off the coast of Peru. The last thing he sees before disappearing is a massive swarm of mackerels which attack him. In the meantime, similar events occur in Norway and Kanada – the ocean is striking back after years of human abuse. While the plot is of course fictional, pollution is a reality all over the world.

Dmitry Abramovic. Karega Omondi. Deependu Saxena. They all share the same problem: the lake where they live is polluted, since it is located next to industry. These people are also fictional, but there are real people who share their destiny. All three could have been real people who earned their living by fishing. They could have lived close to Lake Karachay in the 50s. Close to Lake Victoria in 2010. Or close to Poosaripalayam in 2011. Lake Karachay in Russia during the fifties became a dumping site for radioactive waste. Thousands of fish died in India in Lake Poosaripalayam because of effluents dumped by local factories into the water. And finally, Lake Victoria in Kenia was the terminus for all the runoff of surrounding farmland… More at our ENVIRONMENT page