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My Home, My Dish

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My Home, My Dish

Afghan children line up for food distributed by UNICEF at Maslakh refugee camp, approximately 6 miles west of Herat in western Afghanistan. (Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images) Image source:

Author: Magda Wyszynska

I was thinking about what is good example of poverty. I cannot really tell you something new when it comes to this topic. We all know so many people starve in Africa. Sometimes people say: Oh, I overate. That meal was like one-week food consumption of Somalian kid. Another thing is health – we don’t think about it when we are in good shape. And when something is wrong – just call the doctor and walk for 5 minutes to the nearest drug store. Millions of people continuously suffer because of health-related problems that we can fix in couple of days in the western world. A home? Who doesn’t have one? Try to imagine survival without access to clean water. So my examples of poverty are commonly known, but recent. Just to remind you of the significance and the scale of the problem. More at our POVERTY page