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Filip Franc Steiner

Filip Franc Steiner was born in Ljubljana in 1993. At first he lived with his mother and father in a small apartment in Velenje. In 1998 he got a little sister and his parents decided to move into a bigger place. They built a house in the countryside in the small town of Mozirje, where they moved by the end of 1999. He went to primary school there. He was an A+ student, but he didn’t really get along with his classmates, because his grades were “too high to be normal”. In 2007 he went to I Grammar School in Celje, where he felt widely accepted and started a new life. Unfortunately, he didn’t show much interest in studying, so by the end of secondary school he didn’t really know what to do. Then he heard of EVS and came to Belgrade in September 2011, where he works in the Media Education Centre, along with seven other volunteers. He now resides in the centre of Belgrade, living a dream.