Sarah-Jane Baur | IYMS

Sarah-Jane Baur

Born in 1992 and raised close to Lake Constance in Germany, Sarah-Jane Baur is currently a member of the Media Education Center (MEC) as part of her European Voluntary Service.

Sarah-Jane, more commonly referred to as “Jane”, successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at an international school in Denmark, where she lived for two years before moving to Serbia.

Jane loves traveling and has therefore taken part in a wide range of International Youth Exchanges, Workcamps and Youth conferences in various countries, such as Norway, Greece, Germany and Denmark ever since she turned 15. Moving abroad at age 16 to complete high school in English and live at a boarding school was therefore just another step towards a globally-oriented lifestyle.
Part of this lifestyle is also Jane’s great interest in politics. Because of this interest, she has been attending several Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, a simulation of the UN, in Denmark, Germany and Sweden, as well as organized the first national and international MUN conferences at her high school in Denmark in October 2010 and February 2011.

Since she started working as a volunteer in MEC in August 2011 Jane managed to gather, and is still gathering, experience in the fields of movie-making, animation and radio production.

Jane has been a part of the 6th International Youth Media Summit as the coordinator of the “Health”-Group, and is very much looking forward to preparing the topic of “Discrimination” for this upcoming 7th Youth Media Summit.