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Summit History

The teen delegates will:

  • Explore the Seven Summit Issues with dynamic leaders who are making a difference in non-profits and NGO’s around the world.
  • Train with Professionals in the Hollywood Filmmaking Industry.
  • Create powerful public service announcements inspired by the 7 Summit Issues.
  • Develop individual resolutions of action to present to the United Nations and to their own governments.
  • Create study guides to accompany completed PSA’s for use in their home countries by teachers, workshop leaders, and themselves.
  • Learn to work with a variety of people from many diverse cultures, religions, and economic and social backgrounds.
  • Learn how to organize international teen media exchange projects and find partners from other countries
  • View film projects created by delegates and Summit partners.
  • Visit Southern California cultural landmarks.
  • Celebrate their vision of  a united world  with art, music, dance and food from other cultures

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