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Summit 2015

It is our pleasure to invite all Organization from our Network, New Members and future Partners and their young collaborators to start registration and to participate on the next Summit will be held in Belgrade 27th of July (arrival) to 7th of August (departure) 2015. dreamstime_summit_2015

International Youth Media Summit is Global Youth Movement, an autonomous and inclusive charity association of civil society organizations, including individuals, private companies, corporations and associations, active in the field of new models of Education, Media, Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Diversity, UN Alliance of Civilizations, its mission, its programs and its partners and with permanent cooperation with UNESCO and their Section for Media Development and Society!

The Headquarter of the IYMS is from 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia, hosted by Media Education Centre. We are in direct link and working in close partnership with the UN Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC), UN PLURAL PLUS (a project supported by UNAOC and International Organization for Migration-IOM) and UNESCO but also with number of other international NGO.

Since the Summit first brought young people together in 2006, the world of technology has changed dramatically. Now we read books on e-readers, cell phones can tell you where they are when lost, cars will soon drive themselves, and filmmakers have already started to edit in “the cloud”.
But some things about the world haven’t changed: we still have too much war and too much poverty. Women still do not have equal rights in many parts of the world, and lack of education leaves many young people without hope. Our planet suffers, as do our bodies – illnesses both outside and in. And most sadly, we discriminate against each other for the color of our skin, our religious beliefs or our disabilities.
At the Summit, young people gather to use the latest in media technologies to shed light on the darkest parts of human existence. By working together with passion and conviction, the Summit delegates unleash energetic waves of hope and possibility that crash through borders long after the Summit’s closing ceremony.

All of us in the Media Education Centre, the host of the IYMS HQ (Including members of the Executive, Youth and Advising Committees) have big responsibility to prepare and realize in the best possible way next Summit because 2015 we will celebrate 10th anniversary of the International Youth Media Summit Movement. We will try to connect in Belgrade (during the 10th Summit) some of the project Summit’s members work actually: Under the Moon (Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia), Danube Peace Boat (Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia), Children’s Rights Festival (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia), Roma Drom (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo), BALKAN BALCONY (all Balkan’s Countries), Ping Pong Table Trip (USA, Serbia, China)…
What is International youth Media Summit today? We are Global MOVEMENT for all people work with young generation on empowerment through Media, Education, ICT and Social Networks!

International Youth Media Summit is Global Platform for Media, Information and Peace Literacy with members and partners in 56 countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroun, Canada, China-Hong Kong, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, United Kingdom, France, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Slovenia, Somalia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, and The United States of America….

Each country’s delegation to the Summit was composed of an adult advisor, a student filmmaker and a student diplomat, and they talked about issues present in almost all countries: health, women’s rights, violence, racism, poverty, environment and youth empowerment. Each delegate was assigned to an issue group. The main ambition of the participants was to describe problems, find solutions, invent scenarios based on the text of declaration, i.e. the textual explanation of each issue, and produce seven public service announcements (PSAs). This is why we call the IYMS movement Seven Voices in Time.
Harmony in Diversity, Cross-Cultural Collaboration, Filming and Media Education

We are building EDUCATIONAL movement with media and information literacy like tools for Motivation, Innovation, Creation, Presentation and Evaluation of the movies, animation, TV and Radio Programme produced by professionals but also by kids and young authors. We design experiences that make learning irresistible. Big Festivals of films for kids and youngsters are beginning and end of our journey, alpha and omega of the media literacy, motivation and school for evaluation, one of the main pillars of the Media Literacy. What is second? Our Intercultural, Interactive, Innovative and Inclusive media, informative and peace literacy process, permanent open school for all interested children, young people, teachers, parents and population generally. Through our new media pedagogy process we are use MIL to bridge prejudices, from Exclusion to empowerment. We are teaching participants about ideals of civilizations:
• Trust and respect of diversity
• Transformation and responsibility in creation
• Fairness and partnership in cooperation

Future Ambitions:
In 2014 the Ninth International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) was held in Los Angeles, USA, hosted by Evelyn Seubert, Kate Randolph and James Gleason from T.I.M.E. (Teen International Media Exchange) at the SOKA University of America. Young people and advisors from 22 countries around the Globe participated. Report about 9th Summit you can find below! During the past six years in Belgrade (2008-2013) and last Summit in Los Angeles 2014 participants, media experts and teachers, the Summit’s Youth Committee, guests and visitors, and our Advising Committee have supported the development of the Summit’s activities in different sections:
• International production of the seven PSAs, produced by young participants through our new interactive media pedagogy innovation lab;
• Group of advisers together with team of instructors at the Media Education Centre working on the educational platform of the Summit through different workshops for young people and their teachers (Intercultural Interactive Multimedia Educational Technologies is a project at the Media Education Centre we are implementing during the Summit). This will open space for Film Business, IC Technologies and educational journalism through research/development lab;
• WEB Application/Mobile WEB, TV, radio, documentary and Internet/blog/online section of the Summit work on post-production of the PSAs, post-production of outcomes of the educational platform, and “hour by hour” multimedia documentation of the Summit’s activities for final presentation and the Summit’s archives and
• Executive Committee and Advising Committee in collaboration with members IYMS Family Club, partners and supporters organize a series of seminars, presentations and round tables during the Summit.
As we are working to move forward Film, Animation and Media generally to advanced education and careers in many disciplines, the our participants bring with them a passion for creating a harmonious world community that will benefit from shared creativity, cultural understanding and informed insight. These delegates will inspire others of their generation to shape the future through media and action and to keep activities alive with some important steps:
• Build massive buzz before an event using our networks and online community,
• Maximize attendee engagement throughout the workshops and online conferences,
• Reduce inactivity of the audience and participants caused by long time between events,
• Support digital traveling exhibition, workshops and festivals and increase revenue from exhibitors and sponsors,
• Utilize Festival’s and Workshop’s momentum for other initiatives and
• Come away with practical ideas for utilizing mobile conference and Workshops and emphasis importance of the online community to hold an event like nothing our attendees have seen before.

Come to SHAPE FUTURE WITH US next summer:
The 10th Summit (ENDLESS YOUTH MEDIA CREATIVITY) will be held in Belgrade, Serbia (July 27th to August 7th 2015). The Summit will be focused on intercultural, innovative and interactive educational technologies, media and information literacy and the development of film, TV, radio and Internet tools for communication, cooperation and positive change in society. Our goal is to work on Media like tool for Conflict Resolution, to include as many young people as possible from the Western Balkans and Danube Region (especially from marginalized groups of young people, rural population, sexual minorities, the Roma population, young people with disabilities etc.). Also, we would like to promote (multi) media education as the best tool for development in a sustainable society (fast, understandable and exchangeable), supporting social justice in a multicultural environment and building interactive educational platforms for effective social inclusion, to help in understanding differences, to uphold the right to participate and to build New Media Pedagogy.
• important role of youth in shaping future;
• new models of interactive education like the most important tool for changing;
• Media, Information and Peace Literacy;
• diversity, peace, progress;
• cultural rights, human rights and justice;
• honesty, openness and accountability;
• collaboration between the members at Country level, the Countries on the Continental level, and the Members on the Global level;
• socially responsible entrepreneurship.

• Strengthening the role of youngsters all around the Globe to use and create media to promote intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and inclusion, at grassroots level within their own countries and across them.
• Improving relations within and between all cultural, ethnic and religious groups, including all minorities, majorities and migrants, preventing persistent tensions and divides.
• Supporting the efforts of the all movements to close the gap between government institutions and civil society organizations.
• Expanding the number of participating countries in International Youth Media Summit and driving the development of intercultural actions at grassroots level around the world.
• Creating opportunities for partnerships with socially responsible business in the private sector, encouraging entrepreneurship, mentoring with a focus on developing new employment opportunities in participating countries, especially in Media, Journalism, ICT and new Green Technologies.
• Facilitating the exchange of good educational models, information and best practices and building synergies between all member’s and partner’s organizations with the biggest international NGO’s and its partners.
• Promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation among local and global communities.

IYMS is interested to continue to develop strong educational cooperation between all our members and partners (but also with other networks, organizations and individuals) with elements of the New Media Pedagogy we are develop for years and with support of UNESCO Department for Media and Society and Mr. Alton Grizzle who will be again with us. This have to be our strong effort to implement Intercultural and Interactive Educational Model with Media, Information and Peace Literacy where Students and Teachers will be PARTNERS in the Educational Process and ready to motivate each-other on the Life Long Learning Philosophy.

The real work of a 21st century (Media Era) in field of education is to spark the passion for lifelong learning that our youngsters will need to navigate their way to a promising tomorrow. The meaning of knowing today has shifted from being able to recall and repeat information to being able to find it, evaluate it and use it compellingly at the right time and in the right context. Our world is changing so quickly that we can only begin to imagine what the future will hold. But we are failing to teach youth the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world. We are also very interested in media information tools as complex human rights, inclusion, conflict resolution, eco-systems extending beyond the media and information space to involve networks of people in a variety of roles and rich interactions. Learning represents just one activity within this larger, highly engaging system.

About Media Education Centre, Founder and host of the HQ of the IYMS:
Education in the early part of the twentieth century tended to focus on the acquisition of basic skills and content knowledge, like reading, writing, calculation, history or science. Many experts believe that success in the twenty-first century depends on education that treats higher order skills, like the ability to think, solve complex problems or interact critically through language and media.
The Media Education Centre (MEC) for children, youth and adults is a nonpolitical, nonprofit, nonsectarian NGO. People from different socio cultural backgrounds work together to produce film, animation, television and other media to advance Communication, Social Change, Intercultural Dialogue, Social Inclusion and Voluntarism. Their work promotes the informal and non-formal education of children, young adults, disabled people, migrants, refugees and people from other vulnerable groups. Media, Information and Peace education and literacy support our effort to promote Peace in the Region and to ensure human and children’s rights, especially to information, democracy, self-expression and preservation of cultural, national and religious diversity.
The mission of the Media Education Centre is to promote role of the Media, Peace and Information Literacy in the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, new media pedagogy, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace.
Please find time to visit our web site and to apply for membership in IYMS, to register for participation or to become our partner in numbers of the Media, Information and Peace Literacy Projects.