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Stefan Mandic Rajcevic

IYMS would like to present:
Stefan Mandic Rajcevic
Secretary General and Head of the Health department of the IYMS
StefanBigStefan is a medical doctor. After graduating from the School of Medicine at the University of Belgrade (Serbia), he went off to do his PhD at the University of Milan (Italy). His field of interest is Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene, workcare_1and more specifically Toxicology and Risk Assessment. He defended his PhD dissertation with the subject of “Exploring Novel Approaches to Pesticide Exposure and Risk Assessment”. His interests extend also to rural health, data analysis, and the use of new informational technologies in risk assessment and disease prevention.RuralHospitalSign_photo_hires_500A healthy workforce is the key to any countries economy, and with it the prosperity and quality of life of its people. An average person spends one third of his/her life at work, which can be an environment that helps a person develop, prosper and achieve their life’s goals, but can also lead to many negative effects such as diseases related to different occupations and work injuries. A healthy worker is not only a provider for his family, but through taxes funds all of the programs related to health, education, culture, etc…Workers with heavy machinery
Rural areas are in need of special attention. The Earth getting more populated every year, and there is a growing need for quality food. In rural areas, the line between home and workplace, as well as family and workers, is very thin. Special attention is necessary for children and young people in rural areas, as they often participate in their family’s work activities. There is a lack of health care and prevention, as well as quality educational and cultural contents, which drives an ever growing number of young people away from rural areas.rural
Finally, the world of medicine and technology advances more and more every year. What used to be an expensive experiment, for example being able to “read” the genetic code of one individual, now is available to a growing number of people. There is finally a possibility for regular people, starting from young age, to actively participate in maintaining good health and preventing the common diseases for which they have risk factors.