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International Youth Media Summit
Application to Host the Summit – Introduction

The International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) was founded to capitalize on the energy of youth and the dynamic power of media to create a peaceful, cooperative world community. Over the past ten years, countries from all over the globe have sent delegations to IYMS, an annual event that brings together high school and college students passionate to make a difference. IYMS also initiates collaborative media projects, workshops and student exchanges between its member countries. These activities happen year-round, both in person and over the internet. IYMS’s young people explore seven pressing social issues that affect every country and they create media projects to encourage others in their generation to take action. By working together with passion and conviction, IYMS members create energetic waves of hope and possibility that break through borders and will impact generations to come.

The International Youth Media Summit works in close partnership with the UN Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC) and UN PLURAL PLUS (a project supported by UNAOC and the International Organization for Migration‐IOM). IYMS has the permanent cooperation of UNESCO and their Section for Media Development and Society. Participants of IYMS have come from over 50 countries and member projects have been supported by the governments of Serbia, Sweden, Austria, Georgia and the United States, as well as dozens of NGOs around the world. Work produced through IYMS projects has been seen at film festivals, on television stations, at conferences, in government and community gatherings, in schools and universities – impacting thousands of people every year.
Basic Requirements for potential hosts:
• Host must work with the IYMS Board Organizing Committee in all aspects of planning, organizing and running the Summit.
• Host must organize and arrange for delegates’ transfer to and from local airports.
• Host must provide accommodations for delegates, with single rooms for advisers and 2-4 youth delegates per shared room. Rooms and bathroom facilities must be clean. Males and females must have separate rooms and bathroom facilities. Participants must have breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
• Host can charge a participation fee that will help offset the expenses of room, board, transfer from the airport and local transportation. (More on this later.)
• Host must provide working spaces for workshops, production and post-production, as well as screening rooms for opening and closing ceremonies

If you are interested to become the Host of one of the future Summit please fill out IYMS Host Application below and send to the Secretariat,

IYMS Host Application