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Sheyla Dostert

Sheyla Dostert, 27, was born in Brazil, however raised in Luxembourg where she arrived when she was 2 months old. Luxembourg is a multinational platform, since 43 % of the population are foreigners. Growing up in a considerable multicultural context awoke her interest in travelling and discovering new cultures, either in their political or social context.

She has been living abroad for 4 and a half years now. For more than 4 years she lived in the south of France, yet again a multicultural scenery, as the Provence is characterized by its northern African immigrants. She has studied languages and business with a specialization in communication in her bachelor and decided to do her Masters in international affairs and strategic information with a specialization in project management for humanitarian affairs.
Besides her studies she was involved in several associations such as a student organization in Aix-en-Provence (Letz’Aix) and a multicultural NGO called “Jeunes Francophones en Action” (Young French-speaking people in action).  Her experience with youth projects started in 2010 when she participated in a training course within the youth in action program called “Tripple C” (culture, communication and cooperation) in Luxembourg, and participated also in a conference called “Youth Against Unemployment” in Bulgaria. Fascinated by and passionate about this recently discovered area,   she helped organizing the training course “Droit aux droits” which took place in Luxembourg in summer 2011. In November 2011 she was elected the regional officer of Western Europe for the NGO.

As mentioned above, Sheyla has been travelling a lot so far, and not later than this summer, it took her to South-east Europe. Her Balkan experience lead her to chose this area again for her European voluntary service. Her interest in intercultural dialogue and human rights lead her to apply for MEC as its activities are on a par with her Bachelor degree and her NGO experience.
For the upcoming Summit, Sheyla will be working on the Women’s Rights issue.