Thanks | IYMS


We would like to thank:

Evelyn Seubert, Kate Randolph and James Gleason for:

– talking about the 6th IYMS at the Board meeting for Cleveland High School Media Academy and showing the violence PSA to Board members in August 2011;

– playing “Youth” on the Cleveland High School TV show (which also goes out to YouTube as well as their 4,000 member CHS community) in September 2011;

– getting the KCAV TV (Cleveland High School TV show) to do another episode about the Summit in October 2011;

– advertising to the teachers that there are study guides and PSAs ready for their classes in October 2011;

– showing their KCAV TV episode about the Summit – with clips from the PSAs and documentary in November 2011;

Birgitta Olsson for promoting IYMS in three Universities, three NGO and Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and Sports during the Georgia week in August 2011;

Kate Randolph for meeting with the conference coordinator at Soka university of America to discuss them hosting the 2014 IYMS;

Neja Berger for talking about the summit on a local radio where she occasionally works in August 2011;

Blessing Jee for showing the Violence PSA in her club, Amnesty International in September 2011;

Vid Rajin for showing previous Summit’s animations at the Anibar Festival in Kosovo in September 2011;

Dunja Radulov for talking about the Summit at the UNESCO International Meeting of Independent Producers in Igualada, Spain in September 2011;

Lhana Ormenyi and Blessing Jee for promoting the Summit in the Cleveland High School school newspaper, Le Sabre, in November 2011;

Sunčica Mitrović and Dunja Radulov for sharing the PSAs on Stumbleupon, Twitter, Tumblr and Vimeo;

Evelyn Seubert, Birgitta Olsson, Miomir Rajčević, Ellinor Svensson, Sara Tomizawa, Zeynep Nihan Yami, Mayu Nagumo, Neja Berger, Blessing Jee, Myrto Karamela, Kiriakos Haritakis, Joan Andreu Quiles Rodas, Beatrice Dehkordi, Sal Munoz, Sunčica Mitrović, Mane Jezdović, Andrea Đilvesi, Vid Rajin and Dunja Radulov for sharing the PSAs on their Facebook walls.