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Diana Albuquerque

Diana Albuquerque is 22 years old, she is Portuguese and she comes from a town called Viseu. She completed the Degree of Social Education at the Education Superior School of Viseu in 2010. She has a skill for various and sundry things her friend call her the woman of “Seven Crafts” (Cooking, Woodworking, Website designer, Computers, Events, Animations, Political Issues,etc)

She really loves Movies and Series, it’s true Cinéastic.

What motivates her is the current Social Problems and the struggle for social change.

In Portugal she took part in several social projects, among others, the most important were:

In 2006/2007 – Student Mentor along with her ​​friend Soraia Rebelo a Volunteer Group in a project called ‘You want me to Help Study ‘. In 2009/2010 was one of the Founding Line Student Support at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu with her friend Rita Úria.

Last year she joined the team off the Food Bank Against Hunger (an NGO in Portugal). Recently joined the Group of Young Social Democrats of Viseu, to discuss current political issues.

Also, before coming to Serbia, she worked in a Social Institution (A.S.S.C.R.G.) which has a Center of Leisure Activities For Children (with some autistic children as well) and developed several activities in that institution for the community  and also developed and created some fundraising activities as the 1st Social Walking Plus Health  , and the 1st  Feast of Soups.

Her interest in coming to Belgrade was developed by the urge to know more cultures and other social projects. Her taste in movies, documentaries and “behind the scenes” made ​her interested in the Media Education Center. As a volunteer in the International Youth Media Summit, she will be working on the issue “Poverty”.