Chicadibia Ochia | IYMS

Chicadibia Ochia

I was born in 1985, in Warri, Nigeria. At the age of two I moved to London with my mother and siblings. I grew up there and came back to Nigeria with my family, we lived in a big family house with my Aunt Nkem Oselloka-Orakwue. My aunt popularly known in Nigeria for being the host of a TV Show called “Tales by Moonlight”, took me under her wing and decided to train me in Media.

With my aunt, I traveled a lot and attended many workshops and summits on development of children and young persons, both in the society and in multimedia.  I later went to University in Ghana, which made me take a break on my child activist activities. I gained a bachelors degree in Computer Science, which increased my passion for all things Media/ Multimedia, especially graphics.

After University, I moved to Abuja, where I currently live in Nigeria to stay and work with my Aunt in her NGO Children and Young Persons Development Centre/ Glorious Diamond Productions, where I am the Chief servant of a group called “The Change Makers”. Later that year I came to Serbia for a multimedia workshop and the next year for the 3rd Summit and for another animation workshop in Becej later on in 2008.

Those visits then led me to take time off work, and come and learn and participate more in the Media Education Centre, where I am now on an internship for two months. This is like a dream come true for me as well as an adventure and I hope to make the most of it, learn enough to go back to my country and pass on the knowledge and experience I gain from here.