Nikola Jankovic | IYMS

Nikola Jankovic

Resourceful. Skillful. Clumsy. Amusing. Boring. Reliable. Unreliable. Wordy. Sensible. Difficult. Persistent. Demagogue. Romantic. Banal discussion endings. Wrong character assessor. Inventive. Indulgent. Edgy. Sceptical. Untalented gambler. Untalented footballer. Educated musician. Excellent chess player. Independent. Charming. Clumsy walty player. Changeable luck and hairstyle in life. Baroque type. Good filmmaker. Good sound designer. Can sometimes push the black ball in the middle hole in snooker. Directed the film ‘derPu’. Acted in numerous summit films. Recorded and designed the sound for many students projects. Makes excellent pancakes. Muffins, too. When alone, tends to play music on the recket and slide on the parquet in the style of Angus Young and be happily silly.

The summit represents an opportunity for me to express all my abilities and qualities in filmmaking, organizing, tuition and music. I try to show and share everything I know and do my best in order to motivate, inspire and get the summit participants going, so we make this summit awesome! C Ya!