Lana Inic | IYMS

Lana Inic

She’s a young paintress from Belgrade. She studies at The Faculty of Applied Arts (dept. for interior design). She loves the nature, movies, music, and sipping coffee in huge quantities while smoking cigarettes. She’s all into Parisian style of life, hedonism and renaissance. Trauma from bicycle. Loves makeup and pink shoes. Listens to Serge Gainsborough and watches The Gossip Girl. She worked on murals. She wasted a day working in a cafe, left it in the middle of the day never to come back. Since then, it’s all been just painting and nothing but the painting. OK, plus drinking coffee. Sold a painting to her mom. She’s in love.

She’s really passionate about painting. Finds inspiration in reflecting herself. Inspired by Jan van Eyck, Leonardo, Michelangelo, El Greco, Rubens, Rembrant, Grant Wood, David Hockney and Dado Đurić. Likes to paint motifs of herself and implement them in every painting in a way known only to herself.