TessyTroes | IYMS


TessyTroes was born on the 15th of March 1992 in Luxembourg. There, she‘s always been living in a melting pot, since 43% of Luxembourgish population is foreign. She finished high school this summer, with specialisation in natural sciences. Although her passion is everything related to art and culture, primarily music, photography and design.

While in Luxembourg, she was part of fuze.lu, which is an English language platform dedicated to helping the promotion of the Luxembourg culture scene, to and beyond the Luxembourgish community via internet.

In her free time, she likes playing music (saxophone, piano and bass guitar), listening to all kinds of music, travelling, reading books, playing football and taking pictures (mainly concerts and urban exploration).

Belgrade for her is a big chance to explore big city life, learn new skills in new medias, meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and learn a new language.