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Vahid Vahed

Vahid Vahed
Advising Committee

Vahid Vahid Vahed was born in Tehran, Iran on March 31, 1959. He completed his secondary school in Tehran before leaving for UK for further studies to become a civil engineer. Vahid changed his major to Visual Arts and Communication Studies at New England College in Arundel, West Sussex. He immigrated to Australia in 1984 after residing in Germany for nearly 3 years working as a photographer and editor.

Since his arrival in Australia, Vahid completed Associate Diploma in Television and Sound Production at Charles Sturt University, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts at University of New South Wales (College of Fine Arts). Vahid has worked as a freelance television researcher and journalist, lecturer, radio, film and television producer, media educator, digital media artist and currently working as Cinewest Artistic Director.

In 1999, Vahid founded Cinewest as an association to become a non for profit organization in 2003 responsible to initiate and implement short and long term screen culture and audience development projects such as Media Literacy and Digital Filmmaking Workshop and Annual Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults.

Vahid has been involved with national and international organizations on various capacities such as CIFEJ (International Centre of Films for Children and Young Adults) as vice president and IYMS (International Youth Media Summit) as Advisory Committee Member since 2006. Vahid was awarded two years fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts to establish and develop a series of Community Cultural Development initiatives locally and globally.

IYMS (International Youth Media Summit)

‘IYMS is a platform for young people from all around the globe to express their current social, cultural, economical and political views utilizing the art of moving images and the power of media such as television and Internet. I am honored to be a part of this unique grass root initiative.