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Good deeds and health

Small good deeds most often do not require much effort, and the effect is simply enormous. Moreover, both to those to whom they are addressed, and to those who commit them. Scientists have found that being polite and doing good deeds is even good for your health! Kind and sympathetic people are less prone to seasonal depression, less likely to suffer from hypertension, they have good immunity and feel much more confident and happier than others.


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Good deeds that children can do

Examples of good deeds: remove a cat from a tree, help a familiar elderly woman carry her bag home, feed a homeless animal, put a piece of paper thrown by someone in the trash can, plant flowers in the yard, erase an obscene inscription from the wall, help someone get out of transport (or log in). Be considerate of people. Skip someone out of line (an old man; mommy with a child; someone who is in a hurry ...) Always help mommy who finds it difficult to lower the stroller down the stairs; old grandfather who reads the composition of the product and sees nothing. But good deeds are not only those that are performed for the sake of strangers or animals. At home, a child can also do a lot of good deeds.

List of good deeds for the day

  • I washed the floor in the hallway.
  • Did the cleaning in the hall.
  • I helped my mom wash the dishes.
  • Watered the flowers.
  • I took out the trash.
  • I went to the store for milk.
  • I helped my grandmother in the country.
  • Together with my parents, I took part in a volunteer clean-up in the yard.
  • I fed the stray cats.
  • Collected rubbish on the street wherever he went.


Silly goals

How many people in the world set themselves stupid goals. Someone is going to go on a safari, someone is going to climb Everest, someone is going to visit a Buddhist temple. These are all stupid and useless pursuits and goals. If people learned to direct their energy in a useful direction, then the benefits from them would be many times greater.

Well, of course, fools like the ones described above admire their useless deeds. And the volume of stupidity is growing like a snowball.


Obedience to parents

Young people today believe that disobeying parents is a virtue. This is a big misconception. Chaos in upbringing and moral values (or, more precisely, the absence of such) is a direct consequence of the fact that the new generation no longer perceives parents as a source of good. This is the fault of the parents themselves, but, in general, this is the trouble of a democratic society, which is initially set not on following the good, which has been known for hundreds of years, but on a constant search for self-expression.


Recent Blog Posts

The 10th International Youth Media Summit has brought us surprises and lots of fruitful experience to me and to my students, encouraging them to be more attentive and diligent to learn and study more, not just on animations, but on everything as well. I am thankful to have an opportunity to take part in this summit and help promote IYMS, media and cultures to the world.

Gleason produced 25 episodes of “Video Parade” which introduced young video makers and their works to the Southern California audience. It aired on cable networks as well as the local PBS station. He has also produced P.S.A.’s for the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Salvation Army. He has lectured and given workshops all over California.

“My interests in life is meeting people, reading books, watch films, and do yoga and gardening. I also like carpenting, and all sorts of handicrafts. I love taking part in the filmmaking process - meeting and relating to people and finding ways in telling a story in picture and sound, creating a piece of art for others to experience new perspectives of life. To photograph is to bear witness of unique perspectives. It is a privilege and huge power to bear this possibility, and we all need to create spaces where all kind of people can be given the tools and time to explore this. And create new witnesses, pieces of art. Through film.”

As a performer, she is on the roster of The Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts in Orange County and tours internationally with her acclaimed portrayal of Emily Dickinson in William Luce’s one-woman play, THE BELLE OF AMHERST, for which she won The Valley Theatre League Best Actress Award. Her adapted show, EMILY DICKINSON LIVE!, is a vetted and recommended assembly for Los Angeles high, middle, and elementary schools. (Visit

“There is nothing better that connects two people’s mind than a good communication”! The above quote could be used to describe the effect which cultural tourism has on people. Like a great conversation, travel could be said to play a vital role amongst people all over the world. It fosters communication in all its senses, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

A healthy workforce is the key to any countries economy, and with it the prosperity and quality of life of its people. An average person spends one third of his/her life at work, which can be an environment that helps a person develop, prosper and achieve their life’s goals, but can also lead to many negative effects such as diseases related to different occupations and work injuries. A healthy worker is not only a provider for his family, but through taxes funds all of the programs related to health, education, culture, etc…

We will start with Danube Project, an Inspirational, Innovative, Interactive, Intercultural and Inclusive project created to support development of new models of Education through Media, Information and Peace Literacy, Intercultural Dialogue and Traveling like Source for Cultural, Social and Knowledge Research... Traveling Festival, New International Media Pedagogy School and Training-Workshop on the Floating Classroom, European Understanding, Rapid Action (RapTION) in providing Opportunity for everybody to participate in development of the Intercultural Pedagogy and New, Digital, Multimedia Education! Our project has to implement our multimedia educational experience and experience of our partners in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.

Most modern viewers are well aware of the fact that shooting a film does not follow the sequence of the scenes, and that the shooting schedule depends on the location specificity, the order of appearance of actors, technical requirements and the overall efficiency of the crew. Film is a foothold for many lost souls passionately and obsessively devoted to the career and job which is, essentially, an evolved example of children's play. Situations that can take a turn for the worse during a shooting are immeasurable. Therefore, a precise allocation of minutely defined assignments is essential if the „Oh, no, we forgot ... “ flashback moment is to be avoided in the post-production stage.

Registration for IYMS & Nomination for General Assembly Closes March 15th, 2015 – Visa Procedures Closes May 1st, 2015 – open possible free position July 27th to August 7th – 10th International Youth Media Summit July 27th to 30th – Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the IYMS Movement, General Assembly, Media Literacy Conference, Presentations, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Special Program and Special Guests (if you like to register only for this part of IYMS please go to “Registration for Conference and General Assembly-Celebration”

It is our pleasure to invite all Organization from our Network, New Members and future Partners and their young collaborators to start registration and to participate on the next Summit will be held in Belgrade 27th of July (arrival) to 7th of August (departure) 2015.

The Common Good Forum represents an Initiative to bring together young and senior experts and practitioners, to reconsider economics and other areas of human enterprise. This suppose to deal with three ambitions: 1° Promoting the heterodox economy (not only statistic, but also cultural aspects interfering in the implementation of the public policies)

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPD) is a think tank that aims to provide strength to global peace through dialogue and diplomacy by sharing knowledge, research, analysis and policy development in the areas of, peace-diplomacy, peace-building, conflict resolution, conflict transformation and conflict management. The main objective is to provide neutral space to stakeholders to share ideas, exchange views, experiences, understanding of the issues through innovative research and practices worldwide.

I'm Zalán Bata, a 17 years old Hungarian student. I attend a bilingual high school, I learn English, German and French. I have been wrestling (Olympic) for more than 7 years I love sports and STAR WARS. I've been doing Hungarian folk dance for about 10 years. I also enjoy drawing I've made some comics.

One of the main scopes of the Summit is to create a worldwide network where each and every one of the delegates in attendance will be able to promote their events, productions within the festivals or activities carried out by the organizations that become part of the network.

“You must go down to the shore of the eternal Danube. Pry into that massive water that is flowing forever and will keep flowing even when we’re long gone. You need to understand who we are and how small we are compared with eons. You must enjoy the white and red blossoms of Muscats, and morning chimes, and newborn babies’ crying; you must welcome any rain and sunlight with joy.”

We were very worried about the future of the children because it is difficult to seek matrimonial matches for normal children, not to speak of blind children," he narrated his tale of woes. He said he had been running from pillar to post for the last several years for the treatment of eye disorder of his children, adding he had visited major government and private hospitals for seeking treatment against heavy fees.